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This is a website for Red Book Collectors,

those who collect

"A Guide Book of United States Coins". 

Red Book 1947_edited.png

Are you a Red Book Collector?

Do you collect Red Books, A Guide Book of United States Coins?  I have been collecting hard bound Red Books for more than a decade and I started this website to try to get Red Book Collectors together to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences.  I would like to learn from others and to help others learn more about our unique hobby.  Please sign up as a member and join in!

Red Book 1947_edited_edited_edited.png

1947 First Edition

Go to my Book Feature tab for the 1947 First Edition feature.  Periodically, I will feature a new edition in this tab.

A Guide Book of

This is a MUST HAVE Guide for every Red Book Collector!  Frank Colletti did an excellent job putting together a reference guide with historical content as well as descriptions of Red Book editions.  This guide contains very valuable information for every Red Book collector.

Colletti Guide Book.jpg
A Penny Saved.jpg

A Penny Saved

There is a new book out called A Penny Saved.  Kenneth Bressett reveals the most historical records of the Red Book and the life of it's creator, R. S. Yeoman, as well as his own.  To view this book press the button below.

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